I hate the term “ambulance chaser,” but understand that many Personal Injury attorneys deserve such a derogatory nickname.  They produce sensational and tasteless TV commercials, Yellow Page ads and websites promising big cash paydays if you’ve been injured.  The business models for some of these attorneys involve signing up hundreds of cases and farming the work out to paralegals or other associates and obtaining quick settlements without significant investigation of the cases.

As a trial lawyer who has been practicing Personal Injury law for over 20 years, I am offended and embarrassed by attorneys who practice this way and have chosen another path.

What I’ve found is that a big cash payday is not what is on the minds of most people after being injured in an accident.  They’re hurt, worried about medical bills and not being able to work, they don’t know the laws or their legal rights, they don’t know how to deal with insurance adjusters and usually are not interested in suing anyone.  What they want is someone to educate them on their rights and the insurance process and to make sure that they are treated fairly.

It’s with this type of person in mind that I developed my plan for marketing for clients that is based on Education, not Sensation, and that I designed my practice focused on Personal Service, Education and Accessibility.

Education Rather Than Sensation
Rather than running aggressive TV ads or buying a full page Yellow Page ad, all of my marketing is designed to produce referrals through education based on materials which inform my prospective clients who have been injured in accidents of their legal rights and the litigation process.  I regularly use the following media to educate on the legal rights of accident victims:  free books, website, newsletter, videos, newspaper column and radio interviews.

Personal Service, Education and Accessibility
Unlike many of my competitors, I do not take on hundreds of clients, farm their cases out to paralegals and associates and push my clients to accept settlements, regardless of whether the insurance company offers fair value.  Instead, my assistant, Cheryl McCarthy, and I offer Personal Service in every case.  Although the overwhelming majority of cases can be settled with the insurance company before trial, if a fair offer is not made, I recommend that my clients authorize me to try their case to a verdict.

Another difference in the way that I practice is my focus on Education.  My philosophy is that every client should be aware of his legal rights and how the litigation process operates.  The clients should be aware of and involved in the game plan for resolving the case.  Each client should also be regularly updated on the progress of the case,

Finally, I have organized my practice and life such that I am Accessible to my clients to answer questions and update them.  All clients have my email, direct dial number in the office, my cell phone number and Cheryl’s contact information.  I am available on short notice by phone, email or for a meeting in my office, at your home or another convenient location.


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