I hope this finds you safe and healthy. While many of us are under stay-at-home orders and limiting our public exposure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to know what treatment options are available to those who have bodily injury claims. There are still treatment options available for people suffering from motor vehicle accident injuries or premises liability injuries so that they can still have the continuation of treatment that is important for a successful bodily injury claim.

Virtual medical appointments have become the new norm for treatment of non-urgent conditions. Orthopaedic practices have informed us that they are able to see patients using telemedicine. We also know that family doctors are using virtual appointments to treat patients. Clients have still been able to receive scripts for MRIs and EMG studies and have those tests performed. We have also heard from many of our clients that they have been able to continue their physical therapy appointments by taking advantage of virtual physical therapy appointments.

Virtual medical appointments are a great way to ensure that your injuries are being treated and have the continuous documentation of your injury. Adjusters use gaps in treatment to try to devalue your claim by arguing that the gap in treatment shows the injury resolved and that treatment after a gap in treatment is not related to the motor vehicle accident or incident. To ensure you have a successful claim, make sure to speak with your doctor or physical therapist about virtual appointments and prevent gaps in treatment.

We also recommend our clients keep a daily pain journal, which is something that can be done while you are at home and social distancing. The pain journal documents what symptoms you are experiencing and how your injuries are impacting your daily activities. The pain journal is a great tool for documenting ongoing symptoms and will help your personal injury attorney explain the negative impacts your injuries have had on your lifestyle.

If you have questions regarding a bodily injury claim or finding treatment for your injury, contact us so that we can help you navigate this process. Be well!

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